endings and beginnings

For me the final day of our ride was a roller coaster of different emotions: There was sadness that it all had to come to an end and that our “Sangha on the move” was going to disband, there was the joy of dear friends joining in Exmouth and Exeter, pleasure of being able to […]

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This is the end

Slowly we gathered ourselves for the home straight Sunday morning, I could sense a tension in the air combined with a dullness of brain and body from a weeks grinding on a bicycle. What moments of sleep I could grasp between my room companions sleeping outbursts felt just enough to steel me through this day. […]

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Day 5 Boys on the road

Day 5 The sound of traffic on the busy Dorchester road did not make the most peaceful wake ups that we have had on this trip, but an effective one to get ourselves out of sleeping bags and preparing the early morning teas and coffees. As Kirsten has described we lost our companion and friend […]

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