Dharmalaya Sustainable Living Retreats

Dharmalaya Sustainable Living Retreats

organised by SanghaSeva


A two-part exploration of meditation and inner and outer sustainability: First, a one-week silent meditation retreat in the Insight Meditation tradition (23-31 March 2017), followed by an optional ten-day service retreat providing opportunities to put meditation into action through work on earthen building, organic gardening, and permaculture landscaping, while also continuing formal meditation practice in the mornings and evenings (1-11 April). Led by Zohar Lavie and Nathan Glyde of SanghaSeva, with Dharmalaya’s faculty and artisans facilitating the service work.

Simple accommodation in tents and dormitories in a beautiful Himalayan setting.

For details and registration, please visit the SanghaSeva website.

Comments from previous participants:

The recipe of silence, simplicity, Dharma talks, living in nature, being vegan, Chi Gong, voluntary work and learning about permaculture and sustainability, is one that can not fail to bring fulfillment and joy.

I am grateful that places of deep sanity like Dharmalaya exist, and I’m looking forward to spending more time there.

Seeding Presence – A Poem from Dharmalaya

What seeds should I plant in this perfect moment?
When the future is the present unfolding.

What question should I ask in this perfect moment?

When the answer is the heart opening.

Who am I in this perfect moment?

When the present moment lasts forever.

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