“Do The Math” Popup Cinema – Bristol


Do The Math

A film screening and post-film discussion
facilitated by Lindsay Alderton and Julia Wallond
in association with Bristol Insight Meditation Group.

Friday 20th September, 7.30pm – 9pm

Yogasara – Picton Street – Montpelier – Bristol – BS6 5QA

All are welcome to come to see ‘Do The Math’, a 40 minute documentary about the rising movement to change the maths of the climate crisis and challenge the fossil fuel industry.

Informative and inspiring, it chronicles climate crusader and scientist Bill McKibben and the growing groundswell of the 350.org movement as it kicks into action round the world.

This will be the first in a series of Bristol based screenings and discussions aiming to explore ongoing dharma responses to climate change.

For more information please contact Lindsay or Julia at bristoldharmaaction@gmail.com.

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  1. Julia Wallond November 2, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

    Well, our evening happened, and we’ve had one follow up since! After some intense planning between Lindsay and myself, and the generous donation of Yogasara by it’s owner Chris our pop up film screening of “Do the Math’ went ahead. 18 people came from various Buddhist and Yoga backgrounds. We started with a sit and introductions, sharing why we had come and what we hoped from the evening. The film was amazing- punchy and shocking, but also inspiring. I recommend it to everyone. The message from the film is clear- that because of the power of the oil companies, and the fact that their business plan depends on digging up and burning the carbon resources they have in reserve, never mind contiuing to explore for more, individual action is not enough. We as global community need to make our voice clear that this way of doing business has to stop if we want to avoid catastrophe. 350.org proposes a campaign of divestment in the oil industry, a boycott, to put pressure on them to change their business plan, to become ‘energy companies’ rather than oil/gas companies.
    After the film we had some short time for small group reflection on the theme and our response to it. Wider issues were raised about the deeper causes for the climate crisis, and where are the teachings that could support us at this time?
    We wrapped up with postcard pledges- everybody made a concrete committment to doing something small/particular in response to the evening. These were posted back to us by LIndsay a week or so later.

    It was quite a thing to organise, I enjoyed it emmensly, but also reflected on the challenges of facilitating a space where there is time and process to deepen in our response to climate change, to connect with our hearts and spirit, and find authentic individual and collective actions that we can contribute to our world.

    We’ve had a follow up to “do the Math”- a small group of us watched a live screening of Bill McKibbon and 350.org yesterday from London. Someone offered their home, and their husband helped with the technical aspects of the link (thank you Julia R and Bill!). We again started with a sit, and the beautiful poem by Mark Nepo (Having loved enough and lost enough I’m no longer searching, just opening….). We watched the live screening supported by nibbles and drinks. It again was impactful and inspiring. THe campaign to divest in the oil industry is moving forward with dozens of student groups campaigning within their Universities, and a separate faith campaign “Operation Noah” in which the Quakers have committed to divestment, and several churches also. The subject is now on the agenda for the next general synod of the Church of England (next year). Once again the compelling arguments to act quickly to get the world off its oil addiction were made. And heart felt pleas to remember the challenges of fracking and shale gas. What’s more so many ‘ordinary’ people are getting behind these campaigns. It’s not about being radical- but just about wanting a world that is habitable by our future generations. It was inspiring.

    Our little group reflected on the screening, and we are now interested in looking at concrete things we can do within Bristol to contribute this debate- perhaps collectively joining/starting campaigns for divestment, or promoting renewable energy alternatives..

    We plan to meet again with the wider group who came to our initial film screening in a couple of weeks to take this and other ideas further…

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