Green Earth Awakening 2017

GEAGreen Earth Awakening

20-24 September 2017 // Blackdown Hills, Somerset //

A convergence of engaged Buddhism, community living, land skills, and creative responses towards social resilience. A drug and alcohol free forum for exchange and exploration, with bodywork, dance and music.

In turbulent times it can be easy to react from anger and fear. How do we find the motivation to effect positive change and to sustain that energy without sacrifice to ourselves? The principles taught by the Buddha are of universal benefit to those seeking to make effective and sustained engagement with the world.

We host a platform for groups and speakers such as DANCE, Eco-dharma, Ecological Land Co-op, Radical Routes, Earth First!, Land Workers Alliance, The Tyndall Centre, Mindfulness4Change plus community groups, facilitators, eco-psychologists, activists, permaculture teachers, climate scientists and more.

The profits from this event will go towards funding the Buddhafield Charity and supporting groups, networks and individuals engaged in ecological and social resistance.

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