The I-Pledge Bike Ride

The I-Pledge Bike Ride

Cycle your heart out – Take a pledge to put the brakes on climate change

Brighton to Gaia House, Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th September


Join us for all of part of a symbolic Climate Change Bike Ride and cycle pilgrimage across the south coast this Autumn – linking together different expressions of the Dharma in the west.

Many of us are aware that climate change will not only affect future generations but is happening here and now. Whilst one extreme weather event cannot be directly linked to climate change, the patterns we are experiencing of more and worse severe weather certainly can.

But despite extreme weather events and ever more alarming scientific reports predicting the devastating and catastrophic effects of man-made climate change, the silence around the topic can be deafening. There is still much to do, and much to talk about.

Let’s be part of the change!

During our time together, cycling along the beautiful south coast of England, we hope to enjoy traveling lightly on this earth, exploring ways to express our deep care about the challenges we are facing and our wish to give them the priority they deserve in our human story. On our way we will share the I-Pledge idea with others, and carry the pledges taken by ourselves and others so as to honor the collective effort of people willing to make personal changes in their lives for the sake of future generations. We see the ride in many ways as a pilgrimage on bikes, linking together different expressions of the Dharma in the West: starting with a very active and lively urban Sangha in Brighton, the monastic communities in Chithurst and Hartridge, and Gaia House silent retreat centre in Devon. We would like to embrace the spirit of pilgrimage in any way we can, connecting with ourselves and those we meet along the way, and discussing the relevance of Dharma practice in these times.

Even if you do not want to join the ride, you can join by taking a pledge. By displaying all the pledges taken before and during the ride as we go, we hope to inspire others we meet along the way to take a pledge, or two, or three…

(See for more information about the I-Pledge initiative.)

The I-Pledge ride is also an opportunity to cycle silently together, allowing our beautiful country to touch us. It is in invitation to express your love, nourish your passion, dream your dreams, share ideas the truth of climate change may bring forth and to become an even more active participant in an alternative narrative of what it may mean to be alive in these times.

You can join for any length of time with larger groups of riders on the 14th and 20th September. (On September 21st some of us will join the “People Climate March” to mark the end of our pilgrimage. Why not join us there if you cannot come to the ride? See for information.)

What ever motivates you – the participation, the cycling together, the long journey or simply taking a pledge – each is a beautiful manifestation of an awareness of our collective predicament and interdependence. The ride is for anybody and everybody, of all ages and all abilities.

And just consider: apparently if all the commuters in England with a journey of less than five miles took their bicycle rather than car or bus over a year, they would save a collective 44,000 tonnes of CO2; the equivalent emissions produced by heating nearly 17,000 houses.

For now the I-Pledge ride is still very much a story in the making, so:


The ride will be quite small and numbers limited, so if you wish to join the ride or want to find out more please contact or and let us know which of the following you might like to undertake:

The whole tour (click on each day for map):

DANCE Devon and DANCE Brighton


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