SanghaSeva Retreats (Aug-Sept)

SanghaSeva Retreats (Aug and Sept 2015)


Simplicity and Sustainability

8-21 August // Pyrenean foothills, France
(8th-13th: Silent Meditation Retreat // 15th-21st: Work Meditation Retreat)

An opportunity to work and practice among the oak woodlands of the Pyrenean foothills while supporting the creation of a centre for sensitive, sustainable and spiritual living.

A chance to learn the ecological building skills of straw bale walls and mud plastering, by helping to build an indoor meditation space so that the possibility of practice can extend to the whole year.

The retreats are open to all, those new to meditation as well as those with experience.

Earth Care Day

23 August // London

A day of practice outdoors, working together gently with the earth as an expression of our hearts. Supporting the wild green space of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, a haven within urban London.

The day will be framed by periods of meditation and contemplation cultivating greater awareness in a daily life setting.

Interconnectedness Weekend

12-13 September // Sheffield, UK

This non residential weekend is an invitation to combine a day of outdoor meditation in action working for the benefit of the environment, with a day of silent meditation and reflection.

Bringing positive action and dharma practice together as an expression of our care and love for the planet, this is also a great way to meet and connect with like minded people.

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