Want to DANCE?

Want to DANCE?

A Climate Change Engagement Retreat

Friday 30th October 2015 – Sunday 1st November 2015
Hill End Centre, near Oxford


Some feedback from the retreat:

The Hill End retreat was rather special – a definite sense of a community coming together and being nurtured.

I had such an uplifting time on this retreat, I felt like so much space was created for reflecting on all of the difficult feelings and sadness that come with the destruction of our world. I understand how switched off from this we can be, and how if we can get in touch with and allow these feelings, we can become completely engaged, acting with power and truth.Thank you so much for all of your love, organisation and everything else that went into this!

…we were all glowing by the end of the weekend with great joy and gratitude for our time together.

What a great retreat! Of all the great activities that took place that weekend, I’d only like to give feedback about the question “If you give everything you have and it’s never enough; what can you do?”. Each of us paired up with another retreatant to take turns asking our partner this question three times. Our first answer was to be a straightforward verbal response. 2nd answer was a nonverbal response, and the 3rd answer was to be nonverbal again but allowing the question to go deeper into our quiet. I still think about this question and I realise that my answer is full of negatives!

I will not quit!
I will not be angry and violent
I will not be depressed
I will not feel loss of hope
I will not lose my energy
I will not stop listening to others who do not agree with me
I will not make people “others”

What a beautiful primal question!

One great thing about the retreat was the rather improvisatory nature of its structure, and I did agree with what Suvaco (a facilitator) said about the importance of encouraging us all, even the ones of us who don’t consider ourselves leaders, to step up and start to organise for the first time. Often I’m the one who hangs back and lets others do the organising. But we all need to be leaders in these times. I felt on this retreat that the line between participant and facilitator was more permeable, which was great.

I had some very deep conversations with participants on the retreat. It’s great that there was space for that to happen. Often on Gaia House retreats, when silence breaks at the end, I don’t feel like engaging in conversation at that point. But as this retreat wasn’t silent, these conversations could happen – even if one could occasionally wish for more silence. Please organise more of these.


Gaia House and DANCE are happy to announce a retreat for those involved in, and those who are interested in being involved with the most pressing issue of our times.

As well as offering time in silence for nourishment and reflection through meditative practice, we will also have the opportunity to enquire into how our Dharma practice can support and inform our responses and engagement.

Our time together will be a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other, to share, to inspire, to support and network within a framework of mindful engagement with each other, to be creative in order to hatch new ideas and to simply have fun.

This will be a residential retreat at Hill End, a beautiful rural centre set in 62 acres, just outside Oxford.

Costs are to be confirmed, but we intend to keep the cost low as low as possible by sharing rooms and preparing some simple meals communally. (Please watch this place for more information and if you are interested please contact Rachel as soon as possible as it will bring the cost down if we know a minimum number will attend.)

The retreat will be facilitated by Kirsten Kratz, and will also include peer facilitation.

To book please go to the Gaia House website.
If you’ve any questions feel free to contact Rachel on outreach@gaiahouse.co.uk.

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