The Buzz Tour

The Buzz Tour

Change Pollination

Eve Carnall leaves Totnes April 18th on the Buzz Tour – walking the length of England to promote awareness and connect people involved in diverse responses to climate change. All DANCErs are very welcome to walk with her at any point even for a tiny segment of her journey, to host her for a night here and there (though she has a tent), to help out in any way, or just to talk or learn from all the folk that will be coming together.

Interested in what place meditation and mindfulness might have in the mandala of creative engagement with the climate crisis, Eve briefly interviewed with Rob Burbea in Totnes a few days before setting out. After the walk, a full-length documentary film is planned, chronicling her experiences and exchanges with many of those she meets. And the material on the Buzz Tour website will be greatly expanded, providing all kinds of helpful and interesting resources and hopefully fruitful connections.

Here Rob asks her about her trip and her inspirations…


And here Eve asks Rob about dharma and engagement…

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