Report from ‘No Faith in Fracking’ at PNR

Report from ‘No Faith in Fracking’ event at PNR

by Joe Mishan

Such an inspirational and rich experience at the gates of Cuadrilla on Preston New Road Lancashire on Friday 27th April; part of No Faith in Fracking week. I went with other members of DANCE and met Quakers, Christians, Buddhists, Pagans and others all united in a passionate opposition to the insanity of digging for more fossil fuels as the clock is ticking on the climate change crisis. The constant rain and cold didn’t dampen spirits (although it did get in the wine offered at the communion). Each group offered their unique expression of despair, pain, hope and determination as we move forward into our very uncertain future. So much admiration and gratitude is due to those protectors who have been at the gates and in the camp day and night for month after month showing a steadfast presence. Thank you to Preston New Road Action Group for all you do on behalf of us all and our future.

Coverage by a local TV network:

A clip from Christian Climate Action:

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