Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust: Meditation Flashmob

Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust Meditation Flashmob

10am // 12th June // Shell Centre, London SE1 7NA

Thank you to those you attended, and our apologies to those who came looking but couldn’t find us 🙁


As part of the Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust day organised by Our Voices, and in collaboration with Wake Up London, there will be a meditation flashmob staged at 10am outside the Shell Building on the South Bank. If you’d like to join in please wear black or dark clothing if you can and bring a black umbrella if it looks like rain. The meditation will last for about half an hour outside, so do also make sure you’ll be warm enough. You are invited to write a brief (polite) message to the CEO of Shell UK which will be left outside the building under a small stone or posted through the letter box (to be discussed). The message could be asking him to respect the earth, urgently move to renewables, show wisdom in the face of the climate crisis etc; you might want to sign personalise it by signing with your first name.

Hope to see you there – nearest tube is Embankment or Waterloo 🙂

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