Advertising Campaign

Advertising Campaign

The Proposal:
To develop an advertising initiative to be taken to the national press, Tube trains, or any other mainstream channel.

The Deadline:
August meeting of the Gaia House DANCE group (date TBC)


Welcome all! This is a space to explore and share ideas, to brainstorm ads (or counter ads) that we can offer up to the masses. We feel these adverts could either point directly at the climate change issue, or else stimulate a deeper reflection on its manifold causes. As such, any ideas on how to make this happen or what such adverts might look like are cordially invited.

At present we have a small band of DANCErs ready to take this forward should we succeed in devising a fantastic and workable plan. We’d still be keen for anyone with advertising or fundraising experience to join the group, so if this project speaks to you, and you have these skills to offer, please do get in touch with or

Here are a couple of ideas we’ve had – feel free to add your comments below, or get creative on the online whiteboard we’ve set up at Scribblar:

  • Having a very simple question or phrase, perhaps related to climate change, perhaps utterly non-sensical – Feeling hot? / Hummus for Climate Change / inevitable warble bobble – and nothing else. No link to DANCE, no organisation name, no QR code (that barcode thing for smart phones). The idea being that people would wonder what on Earth it was all about and Google the phrase. Should they do so, up would pop a link for a website we’d created that showed nothing but a video player, and a short film we’d have prepared on climate change.
  • Using diary entries from some time decades or centuries into the future, to shock or jolt people. The idea is taken from the book Polar City Dreaming: How climate change might usher in the age of polar cities, which includes a diary of a girl living around 2500. In one part she says:

    We live with stifling rules and they’re rules to survive and keep us hoping the earth will forgive us for the mistakes made by our barbaric and selfish ancestors, the Drivers and Builders, centuries ago.

  • Presenting a crossword (quick or cryptic) or some sort of word-teaser. The answers could be provocative words, or could contain a message, or..? If done on the Tube there’s a good chance it would hold people’s attention we thought?
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