Poster Campaign

Poster Campaign

Here’s an idea we have been working on and want to share with everyone..

To the right you will find links to 35 posters that a few of us from the Gaia DANCE Sangha have designed. They express a range of different voices, responses, feelings, and facts about climate change. There was no attempt to come up with any one perfect message – rather, a mix of tacks and also of tones, approaching the whole complexity of the subject and of humanity’s responses from a number of different directions.

Over the next while, we are going to put them up in all kinds of places around here – on lampposts, noticeboards and other appropriate locations.

Join us: If you would like to, please do print some or all of them yourself, and alone or with others feel free to post them anywhere that feels right. You may want to put up a large variety all at once in an area or display only a few and change them over a time.

Get creative: The posters in all of the files are editable. So feel very free also to change or edit them in any way you like. And to make your own too – maybe with a local twist, or getting your children involved… Lots of creativity possible here.

Keep us informed: And do please let the larger DANCE group know what you came up with and what you get up to – others might want to use the posters you create or your edited versions, and hear of your actions. Send any files to and we can upload them to the site.

Hope you enjoy…
Kirsten, Gavin, Rob, Jane, Mark

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  1. Craftimina July 12, 2013 at 9:08 am #

    Thank you these are great. I will try out downloading and putting some about….and let you know if I have any feedback. Best of luck.

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