Divestment Links

Divestment Links

  • Triodos www.triodos.co.uk
    Triodos is a global pioneer of sustainable banking with a mission to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.
  • Charity Bank www.charitybank.org
    Charity Bank is an independent ethical bank with a social purpose. It operates across the UK, with offices in Tonbridge, London, Cardiff and York.
  • Good Energy www.goodenergy.co.uk
    100% British electricity from sunshine, wind and rain.
  • Seat 61 www.seat61.com
    It’s time to rediscover real travel by train or ship, where the journey itself is an adventure. This site explains how to travel comfortably & affordably by train or ferry where you might think that air was now the only option. For help with train travel, ask the Man in Seat 61.
  • Ethical Consumer www.ethicalconsumer.org
    Tips on ethical buying, consumer reports on a wide range of goods, information on UK and worldwide boycotts.
  • Good Shopping Guide www.ethical-company-organisation.org
    The Good Shopping Guide is the world’s leading ethical shopping reference book – providing clear & extensive ethical rankings across 60 product sectors.
  • Campaign against Climate Change www.campaigncc.org
    The Campaign against Climate Change brings people together to push for the urgent and resolute action we need to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate.
  • Art not oil www.artnotoil.org.uk
    A coalition of organisations seeking an end to oil-industry sponsorship of the arts.
  • Liberate Tate www.liberatetate.wordpress.com
    Liberate Tate is a collective dedicated to taking creative disobedience against Tate until it drops its oil company funding.
  • Platform www.platformlondon.org
    Platform combines art, activism, education and research in one organisation.
  • Reclaim Shakespeare Company www.bp-or-not-bp.org
    At a time when the world should fear much more the heat of the sun and the furious winter’s rages, BP is conspiring to distract us from the naked truth of climate change and with its daring folly burn the world.

    Companies like BP are using their enormous wealth to purchase a veneer of social responsibility and respect. By sponsoring the arts they hope to present themselves as caring and necessary players in society, and thus dampen down public criticism.

    The Reclaim Shakespeare Company aims to challenge this head-on, by taking back the cultural spaces that BP has appropriated, and using them to expose the hypocrisy and unacceptable nature of oil sponsorship. We were formed in response to BP’s sponsorship of the World Shakespeare Festival and the Royal Shakespeare Company as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

  • Shell Out Sounds www.shelloutsounds.org
    Shell Out Sounds (SOS) is a group of singers, musicians and activists who see Shell’s sponsorship of the Southbank Centre – one of the UK’s major cultural institutions – as entirely unacceptable. Our chief concerns are runaway climate change, Canadian tar sands exploitation, fracking and Arctic drilling, (though that list could easily be much longer). We make music in solidarity with communities impacted by Shell’s operations all over the world, who are themselves resisting this madness.
  • Rising Tide www.risingtide.org.uk
    Rising Tide is an international grassroots network that takes creative direct action to confront the root causes of climate change and promotes local, community-run solutions to our energy needs.
  • UK Tar Sands Network www.no-tar-sands.org
    Stopping the world’s most destructive project.
  • Artists Project Earth www.apeuk.org
    Artists Project Earth has funded over 350 projects and awareness-raising initiatives around the world that combat climate change and develop local resilience and solutions to climate injustice – and gives emergency funding for natural disaster relief.
  • Artists Against Fracking www.artistsagainstfracking.com
    Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon were compelled into action by the announcement that fracking might soon begin in New York – directly impacting their home in upstate New York. In less than 10 days, they gathered nearly 150 fellow artists to join them in the founding of Artists Against Fracking in August 2012. Today, at nearly 200 members Artists Against Fracking works to expose and stop the harmful and contaminating practice of fracking for natural gas and oil through mass awareness and peaceful democratic action.
  • 350.org www.350.org
    350.org is building a global climate movement. Our online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions are coordinated by a global network active in over 188 countries.
  • People and Planet www.peopleandplanet.org
    People and Planet is the largest student network in Britain campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment.
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