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We came together after a film screening of’s “Do the Math” in autumn 2013. We have organized several actions locally and some members of our group co-founded Fossil Free Bristol. We are a small group of people drawn from diverse meditation traditions, including the Western Insight tradition linked with Gaia House, the White Cloud Sangha which follows Thich Naht Han’s tradition, several Yoga traditions, and some of us also have a Quaker and Christian background. We enjoy exploring how inner process and outer action mutually support each other, and we are currently meeting every month or two to practice meditation and share and plan actions.

Events we have organized so far include an all night vigil to raise awareness of global issues and support the charity Tree Aid, a ‘pop up’ meditation with a banner drop during the Somerset levels flooding in 2014, a film screening of ‘Wisdom to Survive’ as part of Bristol’s Big Green Week last year, and a multi faith “Light for Lima” vigil outside Bristol council house and cathedral. We also enjoy collaborating with other DANCE groups and national actions.

Please feel welcome to come along and join us in our core group or at our events!

Richard Lawrence,
Julia Wallond,

If you ask Richard to join our Google Group list you can then email the group on

Facebook page:


Cambridge DANCE are made up of a mixture of friends from Triratna, Insight and Soto Zen groups who have all have similar interests and been involved with the Work That Reconnects. Interested in music and poetry as a means of communicating an alternative way of life which does less harm and cherishes mindfulness, the group commenced with a season of busking on the theme of “care for the environment” throughout Buddhist Action Month in June 2014. The group will be hosting a screening of Wisdom to Survive on the 26th February.

For anyone interested in joining or taking part in future events contact Kate at or Oscar at to find out more.


The London DANCE group meets regularly. For details please drop a line to:


Formed in March 2018 – contact Julian Briggs on

DANCE groups in the US

DANCE Atlantic

I am a resident of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, associated with Triratna Buddhist Community in the US and UK. I am also a dual citizen with US and Canada. I’m setting up an extension of DANCE in the Northeast US called DANCE Atlantic. It is a DANCE affiliated group that will cover New England, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, until separate groups are started in those locations.

Contact details:

DANCE Atlantic
c/o Shaun Bartone
26 Berwick St.
Worcester, MA 01602

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