“Our Sacred Earth” Meditation Dance

Our Sacred Earth” Meditation Dance

Shared by Julian Briggs

I’m keen to share the powerful “Our Sacred Earth” Meditation Dance as a way of celebrating our deep, joyful connection to the Earth and strengthening our commitment to taking care of her.

I feel it fits particularly well with the DANCE values by deepening felt connection to our inner lives, community and our beautiful planet. I see it complementing other (informational, rational) approaches to climate change and sustainability by engaging body and feeling.


The meditation “Our Sacred Earth” is a dance meditation with a similar sequence to 5 Rhythms, 10 tracks, alternating dancing and shaking, followed by witnessing (sitting like a Buddha), guided relaxation and finally milling and meeting (see guidance notes below).

The energetic modern dance music blends with sounds of nature and a voice-over inviting us to celebrate our deep, joyful connection to the Earth and our commitment to taking care of her.

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    Or email me on j.briggs@phonecoop.coop and I’ll share the full tracks on a sample basis
  • View (poor quality) video clips on Vimeo
    1. 00:95 clip runs from 00:25 to 2:00
    2. 11:30 clip from 17:50 to 29:00

Facilitation Notes

Opening Voice-over: If our Mother Earth was able to speak, she would say I have given you everything … to fulfil your dreams, your desires, your wishes. Even the possibility to declare your own destiny… and all I ask is that you take care of me and everything I have created for you.

Our Sacred Earth Meditation (63:19) Stages:

  1. Destiny: Dancing, let your body move to the music (7:08)
  2. Way of Masters: Shaking, let your whole body shake. Focus on shaking your wrists (releases stored toxins in body). Relax on your out breath (7:07)
  3. No Boundary: Dancing (7:38)
  4. Ho Ka Hey: Shaking, increase intensity of your shaking (7:06)
  5. Vertical Force: Dancing (7:30)
  6. Mother Earth: Shaking as fully as you can. On out breath express your feelings (negative or positive) with a sound. Build up the energy as the shaking develops (6:51)
  7. Silent Earth: Sit like a Buddha in silence, listen to the music and look, listen, feel inside (3:03)
  8. Osho: Lie on your back, spread your arms & legs, close your eyes. Connect with the earth and listen to Osho (3:39)
  9. New Dawn: Meet with a gentle High Five, each say: “I promise to take care of our earth” then hug (5:07)
  10. Witness on Earth: Meet, hold hands, say: “This earth does not belong to us, we belong to this earth” then hug (8:30)
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