Sherlock Holmes BP Protest

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Oily Museum

Watch as our friends BP or not BP? and members of DANCE give a pop-up performance in the British Museum and why it’s time for our cultural institutions to cut their ties to the fossil fuel industry…

On Sunday Feb 8th, one week before Global Divestment Day, the great court of the British Museum came to a standstill as theatrical activists “BP or not BP?” and members of DANCE gave a pop-up performance of ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Adventures of the Oily Museum’. The aim of the performance was to draw attention to the inconvenient fact that BP is now officially the world’s biggest corporate criminal – and thus that British Museum’s ties with them are deeply problematic. BP has been a patron of the Museum for about 25 years – an arrangement that involves meagre contributions yet gives BP valuable publicity whilst continuing their damaging operations worldwide. Featuring Sherlock Holmes and Watson pursuing a criminal hiding in the museum, the performance encouraged the Museum to cut ties with the fossil fuel industry. Alas, BP managed to run away from the bumbling cops…

If you’d like to give your voice to the protest of oil sponsorship of the arts – please join us for next flashmob inside the British Museum on Sunday 29th March 2015 at 3pm to catch the oily criminal and stop the Museum from aiding and abetting BP’s crimes – details here:

BP or not BP? is part of the Art Not Oil (ANO) coalition; you can sign their joint petition calling for our arts institutions to drop oil sponsorship here:

We look forward to the possibility of other collaborations between DANCE and ANO in the future!

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